20 Fun Rainy Day Activities with Kids

20 Fun Rainy Day Activities to do with Kids

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fun rainy day activities to do with kids

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Need some ideas for how to keep little ones occupied?

My family LOVES rainy days! We have so much fun watching the rain come down and enjoying the clouds. 

Want to go out and play? We’ve got some fun outdoor activity ideas for a rainy day, too!

13 Indoor Rainy Day Activities to do with Kids

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

1. Have a dance party

We all love dancing in my family! There are no rules, no strict regimen. We just let loose and have fun!

Whether this be playing Just Dance or just cranking up some tunes, it’s always a blast! 

I have Apple Fitness+ and the kids love dancing along with me to a dance workout, as well.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

2. Read some books

We love books in our house! We have a huge variety (you can find our favorites here!)

Reading is a fantastic way to bond with your little ones and lay the foundation for a love of reading. It can also help with language skills.
fun rainy day activities to do with kids

3. Jump rope or hula hoop

I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy to encourage these activities indoors, but they’re honestly so much fun.
If you have the space, take turns jumping rope or hula hooping and encouraging each other. It can create so many laughs and memories.


fun rainy day activities

4. Play indoor bowling

This is another fun activity! You can even just use half-filled bottles and a small ball. Or, you can get a small plastic set, if you don’t have one already. 

I did a quick Amazon search and found these cute options.

For the younger ones, you can let them keep going until they knock down all the pins, or you can even help them out a little 😉

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

5. Bake some cookies

Or anything yummy and simple, really! Other fun things to bake with kids include brownies, banana bread, cupcakes, and corn bread.

I know it can be daunting to bake with kids, but if they’re a little older, this can be a great bonding and fun activity.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

6. Have a pillow fight

This is another one of those “are you crazy?!” kind of ideas, I know, but pillow fights are so much fun if done safely and with some precautionary measures.

Plus, it can be a great way to get some of their pent-up energy out!

I would suggest using softer pillows and maybe ones that it would be okay if they did get ripped. 

Maybe set some boundaries and make sure things don’t get too out of hand, as well.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

7. Play a board game or two

Board games can be a great way to pass some time and encourage taking turns and sharing. Some fun examples include:

Lucky Ducks (ages 3+)

Cootie (ages 3+)

Chutes and Ladders (ages 3+)

Candyland  (ages 3+)

Don’t Break the Ice (ages 3+)

Don’t Spill the Beans (ages 3+)

Hungry Hungry Hippos (ages 4+)

Connect 4 (ages 6+)

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

8. Do some puzzles


Puzzles are a fun and simple way to bond and encourage problem-solving.

I love these wooden puzzles, and they come in a metal organization rack!

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

9. Make a fort

We probably all made forts as kids and remember how much fun and engaging it was. This is a great way to encourage imaginative thinking. 

Set up some chairs and drape blankets over them. Set up the inside with pillows, more blankets, and snacks. 

You can even encourage play, such as having the kids imagine it is a cave or castle.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

10. Watch a movie or binge-watch a favorite show

Cuddle up on the couch with a family favorite movie or TV show. Or, watch something new! 

Maybe there’s a family-friendly movie or show you’ve been meaning to get around to but haven’t had the time.

Pop some popcorn (or grab any favorite snack) and use this rainy day as an excuse to finally watch some things on your watch list!

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

11. Do some arts and crafts

Kids LOVE arts and crafts. I think Bayleigh asks me to do arts and crafts at least 3 times a week. 

There are so many fun ideas out there. We have made something as simple as a toilet paper roll wrapped in construction paper with googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs, to something as complex as a paper towel roll castle.

If you don’t feel like breaking out the paint, you can tape colored construction paper to the paper towel/toilet paper rolls.

Here are some great starter supplies:

Colored construction paper

Arts and craft kit

Toddler scissors

Colored masking tape

Waterproof toddler apron

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

12. Have an indoor scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always so much fun, and can still be enjoyable indoors! 

For some fun ideas, check out these scavenger hunt cards

At Home Scavenger Hunt cards

At the Park Scavenger Hunt cards

You can even sketch up your own scavenger hunt with things you know are around the house, or find some fun ones online 🙂

Ideas for scavenger hunts include:

  • Something with a number on it
  • Something that is a specific color
  • Something that is a specific shape
  • Something that has a specific design on it (polka dots, stripes, etc)
  • Something that has a specific texture (fluffy, soft, hard, bumpy, scratchy, etc)
  • A specific item (book, shoe, sock, ball, stuffed animal, etc)
fun rainy day activities to do with kids

13. Put on a play

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was to come up with quick skits for my sister, cousin and I to put on for our family during holiday dinners and get togethers.

It was something I was always just inclined to do; I just had so much doing it all of the time.

This is such a fun way to encourage imaginative play and inclusiveness.

Kids can pretend they’re pirates, princesses, cowboys and cowgirls, superheroes, or a little bit of everything! They can go on treasure hunts, rescue missions, and horse rides.

7 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities to do with kids

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

1. Jump in muddy puddles

Jumping in puddles can be so much fun! 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure they have the appropriate gear (rain boots, rain coat, etc).

Kids can play hopscotch in puddles or just have fun jumping and splashing.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

2. Paint with mud

What kid doesn’t love to get messy and play in some mud?! 

Painting with mud can encourage artistic skills. You may be surprised what can be created with some mud and imagination 🙂 Sidewalks and boxes make great canvases.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

3. Dance in the rain

Run out into the sprinkling or drizzling rain and just spin in some circles with your arms wide. 

You all may get wet and messy, but it can be so much fun to just let loose a little bit.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

4. Go for a walk

A walk after it has just rained can be so beautiful. The smell of nature and the overall serene feel makes for a lovely walking atmosphere. 

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

5. Take pictures

Clouds, puddles, and droplets on leaves can make beautiful subjects for photos. 

I always try to grab a picture of the clouds when it’s raining, even if it’s just from inside my house. 

Grab a couple pictures of the kiddos discovering things in nature or just having fun.

fun rainy day activities to do with kids

6. Set up a musical rain band

Grab some old pots and pans and set them up outside where the rain will hit them. The sound rain makes when it hits the pans can create a nice rhythm.

You can have the kids tap on the pans in rhythm to the rainfall, or try to create a beat all their own.

Experiment and see what kinds of sounds you can get!


fun rainy day activities to do with kids

7. Make paper boats and race them

If there is a lot of water floating about, make a quick paper boat and have the kids watch it swim around. 

You can also make this an indoor activity in the bathtub 🙂 If you want to race them, have the kids blow on them to make them move.

Have other fun rainy day activities? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below!


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