4 Blogging Podcasts that Taught Me Something – 2022

4 Blogging Podcasts that Taught Me Something in 2022

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During our summer vacation to the Pacific Northwest (read about it here!), Brett convinced me to try a podcast. 

“It’s just going to make me sleepy,” I grumbled. “I do better with music.”

“Please just try one,” he said. “One about blogging. I think it would be beneficial for you and help stimulate your mind.”

I grumbled again and continued the drive. However, at the next stop, I caved. I started browsing my Spotify podcast section. 

I had added one or two episodes of blogging podcasts previously with the presumption of “maybe one day.”

One of those happened to be Bree Pair’s Thrive Together Podcast – the apple that started it all, so to speak.

My top 4 blogging podcasts I listen to on a regular basis:

1. Thrive Together – Bree Pair

I LOVE Bree and everything she stands for and teaches. This podcast has literally changed my life. 

Not only did it open me up to perusing more podcasts, but it has taught me sooo much: about blogging, time management, skill sets, and more. 

I’ve learned things I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

On this blogging podcast, Bree has guest speakers on for most of the episodes.

They go over tons of things for bloggers and influencers: time management, SEO, social media, becoming confident, knowing you have a place in the influencer world, affiliate marketing, and so much more.

Bree’s motto is: “When one thrives, we all thrive.” 

And I absolutely love that.

I actually ended up joining her coaching program at the beginning of October, as well.

If you want to go check out what Bree has to offer, you can find her in these places:

Thrive Together Website

Thrive Together Podcast

Facebook Group



2. Content Creatives – Emma Cortes (and previously Maddy)

These two are so cute! Maddy used to co-host with Emma, but at the time of this post, has stepped back from creating.

In this content and blogging podcast, the girls go over tips and tricks for content creators to help creators own their brand.

They are fantastic at giving tips to stay motivated, help with burnout, manage time, stay organized, and so much more.

They also give great advice for content ideas (where to find it, prop ideas, etc), and photography tips.

I have learned a ton of content creation tips from them.

Here is where you can find both Emma and Maddy:

Content Creatives Website

Content Creatives Instagram

Emma’s Instagram

Maddy’s Instagram

Emma’s Edition

3. Content Cash Machine – Danielle Gagnon

Danielle is the best at SEO tips! She is your go-to for everything SEO-related. I have learned so much from her.

In her business and blogging podcast, Danielle has guest speakers for almost every episode that give tips and tricks on growing your business and making money from it.

Things like: video marketing, creating content that converts, mindful marketing, customer experiences, and of course, SEO.

If you’d like to learn more about Danielle and what she offers, you can find her in these places:

Elevate Virtual Marketing Solutions

Content Cash Machine Podcast


4. Creator Club – Katie Steckly

Katie is an Instagram and YouTube QUEEN! She can give you the ends and outs of both platforms. 

And her videos are so fun to watch. She always finds ways to keep them entertaining while providing valuable information.

In her podcast, she gives tips and tricks for creators on social media marketing and creating meaningful content.

Here are the ways you can connect with Katie:



Creator Club Podcast

Creatorly Media

Bonus: Pinterest Popular – Nadalie Bardo

Not a blogging podcast, but Nadalie has taught me pretty much everything I know about Pinterest.

She is the best Pinterest coach you could have. She gives all the ends and outs in her program Pinterest Popular, plus tons of free trainings in her Pinterest Bootcamp group.

She goes over things like SEO for Pinterest and optimizing your profile, boards, and pins. She also offers Canva templates for your own use on Pinterest! These have been LIFE SAVING.

I have learned an incredible amount of information and techniques for Pinterest from Nadalie.

Here’s where you can find what Nadalie has to offer:

Pinterest Popular and Templates



Facebook Group


Nadalie’s Blog

So there you have it: 4 blogging podcasts that I learned from this year (plus a bonus!)

I like to say I have an expert for everything now:

  • Bree is my blogging coach.
  • Emma is my influencer creative guide.
  • Danielle is my SEO guru.
  • Katie is my Instagram boss.
  • And Nadalie is my Pinterest queen.

Are there any podcasts that completely changed your life, or at least taught you something new? 

Comment below and let me know!

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