Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Baby Swing Review

Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Swing Review

fisher price fawn meadows swing

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This Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows swing is great! It has several different speeds and options available. I love the nature sounds and the spinning mobile.

I love that the seat can be rotated to face four directions. This is a feature that we use constantly and find very handy.

Our baby seems pretty comfortable in it. It offers a soothing rocking for him when we need to be hands-free. He loves it, and we love having a place to set him down that keeps him entertained for a bit. 

It plugs into the wall, which I like. The cord is a nice length. There’s no worrying about it running out of batteries. 

This, of course, means that’s it’s not really portable. This works for us because we don’t need it to be moved. We keep it positioned in the living room next to the couch.

It has a nice buckle system that creates safety (though we don’t use the over-the-shoulder straps; our baby found them uncomfortable). It’s been totally fine just using the bottom straps.

The swinging motion doesn’t automatically shut off, which is nice for us. The music and mobile shut off after 20 minutes.

The one thing that does drive me crazy about this swing, though, is that when taking your baby out, you do have to be careful not to bonk their head on the thing that the mobile is attached to. You kind of have to angle your baby so they slide out without bumping their head.

Another thing I found one day was that is can make a kind of squeaky sound if the legs are too far apart. To solve this, I just took one side/leg and pushed it inwards towards the other side. It worked like magic; no more squeaking at all.


  • Multiple settings allow you to choose speed and direction the swing faces
  • Spinning mobile helps keep baby entertained
  • Plays sounds and music
  • Cute design
  • Offers convenient hand-free option when you need it


  • Can bump little heads on the top mobile hanger if not careful
  • It’s on the larger side, so you do need a bit of space
  • Can occasionally make squeaking sounds if not properly aligned

This is such a nice baby swing. The ability to rotate which way the baby is facing is awesome and so handy. It’s cute and functional, and a great mid-price range option.

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