Bathtub Kneeling Pad Review

Bathtub Kneeling Pad Review

bathtub kneeling pad

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This bathtub kneeling pad is one of those “where has this been my whole life?!” kind of products. It makes baby bath time SO much easier. Gone are the sore elbows and knees; this bath kneeler is to the rescue! 

It comes with two parts: the knee pad and the elbow pad. 

The elbow pad hangs over the rim of the bathtub and suctions to either side. It has little mesh storage areas for things like soap, washcloths, etc. 

I haven’t really used the mesh storage areas, so I can’t specifically say how well they work or how much they can hold, but they do seem pretty durable. 

The knee pad lays on the ground and has traction to prevent sliding.

They attach together via velcro and can hang for storage. I hang mine on a tack after every use. They seem to dry out very well.

The suction cups on the elbow pad can occasionally shift around or pop off. This isn’t a big deal for me, as I normally just lay the pad down and don’t even bother with the suction cups over half the time.

It is kind of wide when it hangs, so a little room for storage may be necessary.


  • Great for helping reduce the uncomfortableness of elbows on a bathtub rim
  • Helps support knees and gives cushioning
  • Mesh storage areas built into elbow pad
  • Dries well
  • Hangs for storage


  • Suction cups could slide and/or pop off occasionally

This bathtub kneeling pad is fantastic for someone looking to prevent sore knees and elbows. It gives padding during baby bath time and helps make you more comfortable.

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