Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor Review

Anmeate Baby Monitor Review

Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

anmeate baby monitor

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This is the best non-wifi baby monitor! We use it to watch the kids sleeping while we’re in another room. I also use it when I want to keep an eye on them sleeping while I shower.

It has great picture quality, and the night mode is fantastic. The sound quality is good, and it picks up sounds super easily.

I love that the camera can move around so far in either direction. It does make a humming sound while turning, though.

We don’t use the lullabies because it does play through the camera and the monitor screen.

The monitor screen size is great.

The battery life is pretty good. We usually charge it when we’re done using it just to keep it charged up. I would say with extended use, it would probably last about 8 hours.

I haven’t really tested the range other than different rooms in the house (e.g., not outside in the yard, the garden, etc.), so I can’t say for certain how far it would stay connected.

What I especially love is that it doesn’t connect over Wi-Fi. I have heard so many horror stories of baby monitors getting hacked that I just didn’t want to risk it. This was a nice option.

However, it did occasionally have some connection issues when we first got it. It would show a red “X” in the top left or flash “Waiting for Connection” on a blank screen until it reconnected to the camera. 

Ironically,  it had more connection issues when we first got than it does now. I haven’t really seen any issues with it in the past couple months (we’ve been using it for 6 months at the time of this review).

If you’re looking for something super reliable to monitor your baby while you’re sleeping in another room, you may want something else. I don’t know how dependable this monitor would be for you. It has been great for us for what we need it to do, though. 

Since we don’t have any more connection issues, I would recommend giving it a try; just be aware that it could potentially have those occasional connection lapses.

Update: One year later and this Anmeate baby monitor is still going strong. It’s survived being dropped several times and even being chewed on by a teething baby. We haven’t had any serious connectivity issues, either.


  • No Wi-Fi connection that could be hacked
  • Rotating camera
  • Good picture quality and monitor screen size
  • Easy controls once you know the basics
  • Cheaper option for those looking for a budget-friendly monitor


  • Can occasionally have connection issues
  • No additional camera is available for purchase (at the time of writing this review)
  • Lullabies play through the monitor screen

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone looking for a cheaper, non-wifi baby monitor option to keep an eye on your little one(s).

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