Why Boys Playing with Dolls is a Good Thing

Why Boys Playing with Dolls is a
Good Thing

boys playing with dolls

You know how we’re always talking about raising caring, compassionate boys? Turns out, boys playing with dolls can help with that 😉

When I was a kid, I remember there being “boy toys” and “girl toys.” Boys played with toy trucks, dinosaurs, race cars. Girls played with dolls, Barbies, makeup, dresses.

I absolutely believe this is an outdated stereotype. I don’t think playing with dolls makes boys any less of who they are. 

I wrote an article about why I don’t think my son needs to toughen up, and I think it goes along with allowing boys to play with dolls, as well.

Dolls are no longer “just a girl toy” (in the same way dinosaurs and race cars aren’t just for boys).

What are the benefits of boys playing with dolls?

There are several benefits to boys playing with dolls:

    • Helps them develop empathy and learn caregiving and nurturing skills – this is important for building strong relationships and understanding others’ needs. It can help them become compassionate adults, as well.
    • Promotes creativity and imagination – playing with dolls allows boys to use their imagination to create play scenes and adventures.
    • Develops social and language skills – can help with communication, conflict resolution, and cooperation. Playing with dolls can help them learn to express feelings, play with others, and deal with different scenarios.
    • Teaches real-life responsibilities – playing with dolls help boys learn about and experience things like taking care of a baby and household chores
    • Enhances motor skills and cognitive development – children can fine-tune motor skills like hand-eye coordination by playing with dolls. They can also develop problem solving and memory skills, as well as the ability to remember aspects of pretend play (characters, plots, and settings).
    • Breaks down gender stereotypes – helps them learn that there isn’t such a thing as “boy toys” or “girl toys,” but rather toys that can be enjoyed by anyone. This can help develop open-minded view of the world.

I think it’s important to encourage children to play in the ways that bring them happiness and fulfillment.

I don’t believe a child should ever be told that they can’t play with a toy that interests them because of a gender stereotype. 

Toys do not have genders or gender roles; they are for everyone.

Boys who play with dolls can often be more nurturing, caring, and compassionate, just like girls who play with trucks can be adventurous and brave.

Zen loves playing with baby dolls. He snuggles them, gives them kisses, rocks them, and “cares” for them.

Bayleigh loves sharing them with him, and they can often be seen playing around the house in various ways:

-taking the babies for a stroll in the stroller

-cooking for their babies and feeding them

-dressing them

-rocking them to sleep

-taking them “shopping”

-singing to them

Boys who play with dolls are not “girly” or “soft” – they are simply exploring their interests and developing important skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.

Boys playing with dolls is just one way we can help break down these outdated stereotypes.

Let’s help encourage children to play in whatever way brings them joy and fulfillment!

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