The Best Baby Car Seat Covers Review

The Best Baby Car Seat Covers Review

Breastfeeding Nursing Covers/Ponchos

the best baby car seat cover

Dinosaur Cover 

Elephant Cover 

Black and White Hearts Cover 

Pastel Feathers Cover

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These are the best baby car seat covers! I love them. We have several because I always want to have one available. 

I keep one or two in my diaper bag and one on the car seat at all times. And then I have one or two extra in case one gets dirty and it’s not laundry day.

They are very soft and stretchy and have multiple uses. They come in a variety of different colors/designs. I have linked the ones we have.

You can use them as a nursing cover, car seat cover, highchair cover, or shopping cart cover. I’ve used mine as a breastfeeding nursing cover/poncho and a car seat cover. 

As car seat covers, they do great at shielding baby from wind and insects. I’m sure it also helps divert unwanted attention. 

They are also so easy to just slid over the car seat, and are stretchy enough to cover the whole thing (this may vary depending on what car seat you have). The hole on the top allows free access to the car seat carrying handle.

They are very comfortable to wear as a nursing cover. Depending on your baby, they might not like being covered, and understandably so. 

You definitely don’t need to cover while breastfeeding, but if you feel more comfortable being a little covered, I think these are a great option 🙂 

They go over your head and you can wear them like a shawl, so there’s not any worrying about it slipping off like a blanket might. You can also adjust freely under it. 


  • Cute, soft, and stretchy
  • Multiple uses – car seat cover, high chair/shopping car cover, nursing cover
  • Helps shield baby from the elements
  • Variety of designs


  • Baby may not like being covered in it while nursing

These covers are a great option for covering car seats, highchairs in restaurants, shopping carts, and as a nursing covers. They are soft, stretchy, and durable.

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