VTech Chomp and Count Dino Review

VTech Chomp and Count Dino Review

vtech chomp and count dino

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I got this Vtech Chomp and Count Dino for Bayleigh for her first birthday and she’s loved it ever since.

This toy is great. It introduces colors, numbers/counting, foods, and shapes. It plays music and features cute little sayings such as, “I like to eat food!”

The dino will ask kids to feed him a specific food and color: “Can you feed me the orange carrot?” The texture on each food puck is different, so he recognizes each puck as the correct food piece.

The food pieces are “eaten” by the dino and stored in a little hatch in his tummy. I think the hatch could initially be slightly difficult for little hands to open, until it’s been opened enough.

It has a little string and wheels on the bottom of the dino’s feet so that it can be pulled. It plays music and sounds while being tugged along.

It comes with 8 food pieces. I can imagine that a young toddler could lose the pieces very easily, if they weren’t kept in the dino’s tummy hatch. Bayleigh loses our pieces all the time, but they always resurface eventually. 


  • Dino recognizes food pieces as they are fed to him
  • Pieces can be stored in the tummy hatch
  • Introduces shapes, colors, counting, and foods
  • Lots of sounds, music, and cute phrases
  • Has string and wheels so it can be pulled


  • Pieces could be potentially lost
  • You might get the dino’s voice stuck in your head

This is such a neat little toy. I definitely recommend it for your young son or daughter. This has remained a toy that Bayleigh has played with for over two years now.

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