Diaper Cream Applicator Review

Bumco Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush

Diaper Cream Applicator Review

diaper cream applicator

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I used to laugh at the idea of this diaper cream applicator, as I’m sure you have. However, it is one of my favorite products! 

I never know I needed this until I used it. I didn’t have it with Bayleigh, but decided to give it a try with Zen, as he has super sensitive skin. 

Let me tell you: Best. Decision. Ever.

No more messy hands and diaper cream under fingernails? Yes, please!

This Baby Bum diaper cream brush is a nice, soft, durable silicone material that allows the ointments to glide on easily. It is so easy to just wipe off with a baby wipe or even on the inside of the diaper. 

It’s a nice size and comes in a couple different couples. There is even a mini brush available, perfect for traveling


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable silicone material
  • Keeps fingers and fingernails clean while applying cream
  • Easy application


  • Suction cup may not always stick
  • You not having it. No, seriously

You will love having this diaper cream applicator, especially if you find yourself using diaper cream/ointments very frequently.

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