Cute and Soft Leopard Blanket

HomeIdeas Leopard Print Blanket Review

toddlers cuddling with fuzzy leopard print blanket
leopard print blanket
woman with leopard print blanket
woman with leopard print blanket

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I recently did a collab with HomeIdeas and their leopard print twin-sized blanket.

I love this blanket! It’s perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

It’s lightweight and can easily be transported with you from room to room.

It’s perfect for cuddling up on the couch and binge watching your favorite shows, or grabbing a quick nap during the day with.

And it is SO SOFT! After a washing it did lose some of the softness, but it is still super soft and I love it.

Plus the cute leopard print design?!

The gray color goes great with any decor.

There is also a beige/brown color available, as well as a zebra print design. It is available in a few different sizes, too.


  • Lightweight and perfect for any season
  • Cute leopard print design
  • Great size


  • Could lose softness after washing

This is a great blanket for any season! It is super soft, cute, and great quality. Plus it has a cute design and comes in a couple different sizes, colors, and designs.


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