The Best Diaper Pail Review

Dekor Plus Diaper Pail Review

The Best Diaper Pail

the best diaper pail
the best diaper pail
Refill packs can be found here

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This is the best diaper pail! It holds a lot of diapers and is decent at keeping the smell in. The bags are also scented.

I love that it has a child lock to prevent curious little ones from digging into it.

The bag cutting mechanism is awesome. It is so easy to change the bags and put the refills in. There are a lot of bags in each refill pack; it takes me months to go through each box.

There is a foot pedal that opens the lid (but not the flap).

The flap can sometimes need a little weight to push it down. For light diapers, you may need to push them through the flap a little bit. Heavier diapers can just be dropped in.                                   

Once babies start solids and diapers get a little more smelly, there could be a smell when opening the flap. This can be solved by emptying the pail more frequently and/or making sure the flap and lid are closed right away so pesky smells don’t escape.

The flap can also make a loud sound when closing, if allowed to snap closed.


The refill packs have been updated and now have a stronger baby powder smell. I feel like this will help contain the smell even further.


  • Flap closes automatically to keep smells in
  • Child lock to prevent kids from getting into the pail
  • Bag cutting mechanism is easy to use
  • Refills are easy to put In and can last months
  • Most diapers can be dropped in without having to touch the
  • Scented bags help conceal scent
  • Foot pedal opens the lid


  • Can get smelly from soiled diapers as the babies get older
  • Flap is loud when snapping closed
  • May need to push some diapers down to get them to go in

This diaper pail is a great, cheap option for anyone looking for a simple diaper pail. It’s easy to use and works great. You don’t need to stick your hand into the pail to push diapers down, or worry about a top that’s always open.

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