One of the Best Ride on Toys for Babies

Fisher-Price Walk, Bounce, and Ride Pony Review

One of the Best Ride on Toys for Babies

ride on toys for babies

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This was one of Zen’s favorite Christmas gifts! He was so in love with it the moment he seen it. We almost couldn’t get him to open anything else because he was so enthralled with it.

He sat and bounced on it for a good while, and has since gone back to it multiple times. 

It’s a great toy for keeping littles active and engaged.

This Fisher-Price pony is definitely one of the best ride on toys for babies.

It has three different modes of use: 

~Walk and push: Use the handle on the back of the pony to push it around

~Sit and Bounce: Sit on the pony and bounce on the soft, bouncy seat

~Sit and Ride: Kids can use their legs to move the pony around, “riding it”

It was pretty easy to assemble; the parts just kind of snapped on together.

The wheels move well, even on carpet.

However, I’m not sure how well a baby can sit on it and move it, since it isn’t super lightweight. 

Zen (1 year old) can move it fairly well, but I’ve really only seen him on the kitchen floor (not carpet).

It does seem to be kind of an awkward angle for him, but he loves it regardless. He seems to enjoy scooting around on it.

Another way my kids enjoy playing on it is where Bayleigh will push him using the handle while he sits on it. They also ride on it together sometimes.

It has some pretty cute songs and music that it plays, and the volume has two levels of adjustment.

There’s a cute little spin toy that kids can play with when they sit on the pony. There is also a cute toy on the bottom front of the pony.

In addition, there are buttons on the handles they can press to play the music and songs.

Age range: 9-36 months


  • Different modes of use: walk and push, sit and bounce, and sit and ride
  • Soft, bouncy seat
  • Two volume settings
  • Lots of cute music and songs
  • Fun toys to play with and buttons to push
  • Cute design


  • It’s not super lightweight so a younger baby/toddler may have to work harder to get it to move when riding on it
  • It is slightly on the bigger size (but not huge)

With its cute design, music and sounds, and different modes of use, this Fisher-Price pony is one of the best options for ride on toys for babies.

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