Aesthetic Bookshelf Review

Aesthetic Bookshelf Review

aesthetic floating bookshelf

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These bookshelves are the best thing ever! I love them! They hold a TON of books. And I mean a ton.

For each size, there are different approximations for how many books and pounds they can hold. The ones we have–the 36 in–can hold about 22 books, or 70 lbs.

This is such an aesthetic bookshelf. Not only are the shelves practical, but they make a nice decor for your walls. I think I’ve told Brett “I love these things” 50 times in the first two days we had them. 

They just hold so much, look great, and save a ton of space.

Since they are “floating” and hang on the wall, you don’t have to worry about a bulky bookshelf being in your way. 

Another nice thing is, if you have books you want to keep out of reach of young ones, you can put one of these shelves high enough that they can’t reach. This could work for anything, actually.

The shelves come with all the tools necessary, including a big and super nice screwdriver. Say whaaaatt?!

My stepdad put them up for us, so I’m not sure exactly how easy they are to put up. He didn’t complain, though, so I’m assuming they weren’t too bad 😉 It may be a two person job.

They could take up a lot of wall space. Since we bought 4, we did put two on one wall and two on another. You’ll want to space them far enough apart to accommodate for tall books, if you have them.

They can run a little pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion. They are nicely made, sturdy, and are just overall fantastic.


  • These hold A LOT of books and help a ton with book organization
  • Out of the way, since they hang on the wall
  • Keep paperbacks and other items out of the reach of littles
  • Stylish design
  • Different sizes and quantities to choose from
  • Could be used for organizing other things, from kitchen to bathroom supplies


  • Can take up a lot of wall space, depending on the size and how many you get
  • Can be a little pricey

I highly recommend these shelves, especially if you have a ton of books like we do. They look amazing and save a lot of floor space for us.

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