You Haven’t Reached It, Yet – A Gabby’s Dollhouse Review

You Haven't Reached It, Yet

A Gabby's Dollhouse Review

gabby's dollhouse review

The “yet” lesson

I don’t know if you and/or your kiddos have seen Gabby’s Dollhouse yet, but it is such a cute show. 

I love this cartoon for many reasons, but one of my favorite lessons it teaches is the “You haven’t done it, yet.” 

My Gabby’s Dollhouse review is that it teaches lots of cute and fun lessons. It’s not annoying in the way some children’s shows, especially those geared towards little ones under 3, can often be.

In the show, Gabby reminds her friends that just because they haven’t done or tried something yet, doesn’t mean they can’t do it at all.

One example is when a character doesn’t want to try a smoothie. He says, “I’ve never tried this before.”

To which Gabby replies, “You haven’t tried it, yet.”

It’s a great lesson for kids, because it helps show that they can be open to new things. 

If they haven’t done or tried something, when presented with the opportunity, they can be excited to take it. 

Within reason, it can also be used to help comfort when they haven’t reached a goal of theirs.

For example:

“You didn’t make the team, yet.”

“We haven’t found it, yet.”

Just because they didn’t make the team this tryout, or haven’t found a favorite missing toy, doesn’t mean it will never happen.

Of course, this is to be used within reason. You wouldn’t want to use it in a situation where the thing may actually not happen, and it’s giving false hope (I can’t think of a specific scenario right now, but I know there are some).

I think this can even be applied in adult lives.

Just because you haven’t hit that goal, or gotten to where you want to be, doesn’t mean you never will.

You just haven’t reached it, yet.

It’s okay to make mistakes

Another lesson I love is the “whoopsies, I made a mistake, but it’s okay!”

This one is great, and we use it almost every day. Anytime an accident occurs, Bayleigh (or Mommy or Daddy) says, “I made a mistake, but it’s okay!” 

This has helped so much in coping with mistakes and breakdowns. Usually (not always), if something happens, we can just sing the little jingle and know that it’s okay to make mistakes.

There’s another part that goes, “Whoopsies are what it takes to get better and better everyday.”

Through this, we have learned that we can learn from our mistakes to help prevent them in the future. 

It seriously has prevented several breakdowns and tantrums because it shows that it’s not a big deal (within reason, of course. We’re talking minor things here: Spilled drinks, ripped books or coloring pages, broken toys, etc).

It says: “I made a mistake and it’s okay. I’m going to get up and try again, or we’re going to fix what happened together.”

What is Gabby’s Dollhouse and where can I watch it? 

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a children’s show about a little girl who transports into her dollhouse with her toys. 

It turns animated and the viewer goes on these fun adventures with Gabby and her friends, who are mainly these cute little cat characters.

It’s a Netflix original series.

Is Gabby’s Dollhouse educational? 

I would say yes, Gabby’s Dollhouse is educational. It teaches a lot of lessons and always has a cute, positive vibe and atmosphere. 

Things are upbeat and Gabby is always trying to help her friends problem-solve and stay positive.

Do your kids watch Gabby’s Dollhouse? Do you guys love it? Let me know!


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