Glitter Dolls Review

Glitter Dolls Review

glitter dolls

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Bayleigh absolutely loves her Bluebell, one of the Glitter Dolls that we got her for Christmas.

She carried that doll around for days. It’s the perfect size for her three year old hands, and big enough that the clothing and accessories are easy to change (and not too easy to lose).

She likes to play pretend with the doll: it’s her baby, her doctor patient, etc.

The doll is posable and could probably stand on its own with the right flooring.

The doll is beautifully designed and has a rubbery feel, not plastic. It seems very durable and high-quality.

The clothes, shoes, and accessories are pretty easy to put on and take off. They are also of great quality. 

I’m pretty impressed with how cute this doll is.

There are at least 10 glitter dolls available. Some come with accessories, but some don’t. This one in particular didn’t.

What age is glitter dolls for?

Glitter dolls are for ages 3-10. According to the company, the dolls do well with girls aged 6-7.

Can I buy glitter girls clothes?

Yes! There are so many cute clothing and accessories for glitter dolls. 

Bayleigh got another outfit from her grandma and she was so excited. She loves switching the clothes and shoes constantly.

One pair of shoes was kind of hard for her to put on by herself initially, but she eventually got the hang of it.

Here are some super cute glitter doll outfits and accessories

I had to link the search result page, because in trying to link one outfit, I found there were just too many adorable ones to choose from.


  • Great size and perfect for little hands
  • Easily changeable clothes and accessories
  • Several different outfits and accessories available
  • Many different dolls available
  • Great quality


  • Some shoes or outfits may be difficult to change or put on

What an adorable line of dolls! They are perfect for girls for pretend play. There are so many adorable outfits, as well. I would absolutely recommend glitter dolls.

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