The Best Graco Pack ‘N’ Play Review

The Best Graco Pack 'N' Play Review

best graco pack n play

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This thing is fantastic! I can’t believe how useful it is.

What makes this the best Graco pack ‘n’ play is the bassinet insert, in my opinion (at least for those with infants). It turns the pack and play into an easily accessible sleeping area for your baby. 

The attachment is low enough that the sides create a nice barrier. 

If your baby is anything like Zen, you will love this feature. When he was rolling all over the place, I loved that I had a safe place for him to sleep and/or just hang out for a bit.

It was very easy to set up. The bassinet insert clips on nicely. The mattress seems like it would be uncomfortable, but Zen sleeps great on it. 

I did buy some pack and play sheets to go on it, though. You can find those here.

It comes with a toy bar that stretches from one side to the other, and a couple of cute little stuffed toys to hang on it. I love that is isn’t spring loaded, so when Bayleigh accidentally knocks it off, it doesn’t smack either one of them in the face. 

I was so worried upon seeing the bar initially that it was going to be dangerous having it on the playpen. After multiple instances where the bar has been knocked off, even roughly, I can say that it is safe. 

It may still softly bonk someone in the head if it’s bumped off, but it’s not going to be a sharp smack to the face.

For now, we’re just using the pack and play with the bassinet insert as a stationary crib in our room. This is great for nighttime feedings, as I don’t have to reach far down to pick Zen up. 

I will advise that too much pressure from the front or back could cause the pen to shift slightly. 

There are bars that come down from the center on the bottom to prevent it from moving, but a lot of pressure could still cause it to move a little.


Once Zen was able to sit up on his own, we removed the bassinet insert and the toy bar and transitioned to him sleeping in the pack and play part. 

It has held up great and continues to be extremely durable, even with him and Bayleigh shoving and pushing on it.


  • Cheaper option than a crib
  • Can be folded down and made portable
  • Bassinet insert creates a raised sleeping area, with the high sides of the playpen adding safety
  • Sturdy and nice to look at
  • Easy to set up


  • Could potentially be a pain to fold with the bassinet insert attached
  • Wheels don’t lock, so it could be shifted slightly if a lot of pressure was applied from the front or back ends

This is a must-have for those looking for an accessible sleeping area that is cheaper than a crib.

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