LeapFrog Ice Cream Cart Review

LeapFrog Ice Cream Cart Review

leapfrog ice cream truck

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This little LeapFrog ice cream cart is so cute! It has kept Bayleigh entertained since day one. She loves to drag it around the house constantly. It used to be the first toy she grabbed in the morning. 

She likes the little character cards that come with it. She calls them “tickets.” She loves to give them to us and say “here’s your ticket,” then have us exchange them for ice cream.

We got it for her 2nd birthday, and she’s still playing with it a year later. It definitely encourages parent-child engagement.

Zen now also loves playing with it; it’s a great toy for them to play with together.

The ice cream scooper is attached to the truck, so there is no losing that piece. It’s magnetic and picks up the ice cream scoops, which are also magnetic. It’s such a cute little mechanism, and I’ve even had fun playing with it.

It plays fun songs and melodies, and will speak the ice cream order on the character cards. It was easy to assemble.

It is on the smaller size, but perfect for those little hands. My daughter will usually kneel or sit to play with it (when she’s not towing it around the house).

The play money and plastic coins may be a little much for a younger child; I’m pretty sure my daughter has lost most of the dollar bills and some of the coins. It may be that you just want to keep those aside until your little one is ready. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Encourages parent-child engagement
  • Cute magnetic mechanism to scoop ice cream cones
  • Fun songs and melodies
  • Two small storage openings on either side


  • Coins and money may be too advanced for younger kids and could end up lost
  • On the smaller side, but this is good for younger kids
  • Lots of individual ice cream pieces that could potentially be lost

This is such a cute little ice cream truck. It portrays a realistic play of serving ice cream and makes for lots of fun between kids and adults alike.

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