24 Last Minute Date Ideas

24 Last Minute Date Ideas

last minute date ideas

In need of some last minute date ideas inspiration? From adventure to laidback, these will do the trick!

I have had quite a few last minute dates. 

One year, for my birthday, we finished watching Jurassic World and spontaneously decided to go check out a Meow Wolf for a couple hours. 

It was a lot of fun but definitely not on the agenda until we were literally getting into the car from the theater.

Another time we were going to just go walk around the local mall and decided to spend hours in Barnes and Noble instead (who else is with me on this one?!)

Whether you want to chill and stay in, or go adventuring out and about, check out these fun last minute date ideas!

Laidback last minute date ideas

last minute date ideas

1. Go walk around and hang out in a Barnes and Noble (or other local bookstore)

If you and your partner are booklovers, this is the perfect idea for you! 

2. Walk around a local mall

This is always so much fun. There is usually always something for everyone to explore and find entertainment in at a mall, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor one.

Even if it’s just walking around through the different areas/stores and window shopping!

3. Be tourists for the day/night

Have fun exploring your city or town as tourists. Go places you haven’t been yet, or haven’t been for a while. 

Take lots of pictures. Stay in a hotel. Eat at a touristy restaurant. Buy something from a gift shop. 

Follow a guidebook or an itinerary from online. Walk and slowly observe places you may usually pass in a blur.

4. Go see a movie

This is always a great go-to; I love enjoying movies on the big screen.

It’s nice to get out, relax, and enjoy a movie with your partner, especially if you spoil yourselves at a theater with plush reclining seats and catered food.

5. Get something to eat

Who doesn’t love food?! 

This can be as simple as going to one of your favorite tried and true restaurants, or being adventurous and trying someplace neither of you have been yet.

6. Walk around a park

This can be a great way to get a little exercise and connect at the same time.

7. Go to a local event (festival, carnival, etc)

If your town/city is hosting an event, go check it out! 

There’s usually food involved with these too, so you can grab a bite to eat while you’re there.

8. Go to the arcade

If you guys love playing arcade games, this is a great idea for you. Go challenge each other at some Ski Ball or Pacman.

Plus, if you get enough tickets, you can win a prize.

At-home last minute date ideas

last minute date idea

9. Binge-watch a show or movie

A date night can be something as simple as cuddling up on the couch and enjoying a movie or show together. 

If you’ve been meaning to get to a movie or show, this is a great opportunity to do so.

10. Try tie-dying

This is a super fun activity if you’re artsy (and even if you’re not). You’d be surprised at how well tie-dye designs come out, even if it’s your first time. 

I once tie-dyed a pair of white shorts (my favorite shorts, actually), and they came out professional-looking and way better than I thought they would.

11. Have a game night

Some options include: 

~Card games

~Solve the mystery games

~Board games

~PC or video games



12. Order takeout and have a candlelit dinner

A simple but beautiful option. You can always just order takeout, or make it more romantic by eating in candlelight.

13. Bake together

Take some time to home-make some cookies, cake, pie, muffins, or anything you’re in the mood to eat afterwards. 

Not only will you have a tasty treat, but you can enjoy some quality time together.

14. Roast marshmallows

If it’s summertime, you can enjoy roasting some marshmallows and making s’mores together over an open fire or grill. 

15. Watch a movie outside

Another summertime option. Set up a big screen outside with a projector, gather some blankets and/or chairs, and watch a movie theater-style from the comfort of your home.

Adventurous last minute date ideas

last minute date ideas

16. Go on a hike

If you live somewhere close to hiking trails, get out and explore them! Try out a new trail or revisit a favorite. 

17. Visit a botanical garden

If there’s a botanical garden, go explore it. These places are beautiful and I wish we lived closer to one.

18. Go to the beach or lake

If it’s summertime, hit the beach (or lake)! Go soak up some sun and enjoy the sand and water.

19. Go stargazing

Another fun summertime date idea. Head out where the city lights won’t dim the stars, and enjoy finding constellations.

20. Go on a bike ride

You can rent an electric or pedal bike and go exploring!

When we went to Boise, one of the things on our list was to rent an electric bike and go exploring the city. We didn’t get around to it, but it would be so fun.

21. Go bowling

A simple, yet always fun, option. 

22. Go ice skating

Try ice skating for the first time, or go again if you’ve been before. 

23. Go indoor rock climbing

Brett and I recently went indoor rock climbing for the first time together, and it was a blast. I was so anxious and worried, but once I got going, it was nice.

I definitely recommend giving it a go!

24. Have a picnic

If the weather is nice, go enjoy the fresh air and sun while eating outside in a cozy and/or beautiful area.

last minute date ideas

Let me know if you try any of these last minute date ideas! Which is your favorite? 

Do you have any other ideas that aren’t on this list? Let me know!


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