LeapFrog 100 Word Book Toys Review

LeapFrog 100 Words Book Toys Review

100 Words Book 

100 Words Book (Scout and Violet Version)

100 Animals Book 

100 Words About Places I Go 

100 Things That Go

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These book toys are AMAZING! What a great invention. There are so many words and so much to learn from these.

There are a couple of different modes. One says the word and plays a little sound after. The other mode says a fun fact about the word.

It can also be switched to Spanish. The Spanish words are written under the English words on every page. It’s great.

The pages are great. They have a “touchscreen” feel about them in the sense that there aren’t any buttons; you just touch a word area and it somehow senses which word you pressed. It’s pretty awesome and I, as well as the kids, love it.

The battery life is great. The pictures are really nice to look at and help display the word for easy word-image association.

The star also plays music and lights up when pressed.



  • Fun “touchscreen”-like pages
  • Tons of words and learning opportunities in each book toy
  • The words are listed in Spanish and English and the mode can be switched easily


  • You may get annoyed hearing things like “hand, hand, hand” over and over again as the button is repeatedly pressed

I highly recommend these learning book toys. There are tons of words in each book and your little one will have lots of fun turning pages, learning words, and hearing the sounds that accompany them.