Best Dart Board Toy for Kids

Letoyfun Magnetic Dart Board Toy Review

Best Dart Board for Kids

magnetic dart board
best dart board
best dart board

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This product was gifted.

This is the best dart board toy for kids! 

It is double-sided; one side is magnetic, and the other side is felt. 

It comes with 8 magnetic darts, 6 velcro darts, 8 velcro balls, and 10 suction cup arrows. It also comes with a battery-powered bow and bungee cord for the quiver.

This toy has already supplied hours of fun. Even Zen tries to join in! It creates tons of parent-child bonding and laughs.

We enjoy playing with one side for a while and then switching to the other side for a bit. I feel like the magnetic one is a bit easier for youngers kids.

The bow and arrows are so much fun too! It can be hard to get the hang of it if you’ve never done it before, but it’s great and safe practice.

I don’t think younger kids could shoot the bow very easily.

We don’t really keep track of points, since Bayleigh is only 3 and still getting the hang of it. With older kids, you definitely could though! 😉

It’s great at teaching how to take turns, as well. It encourages patience as they have to wait for their turn to throw the dart. 

It can be used indoor or outdoor. It comes with a sticky hook to apply it to a wall. 

However, for a more temporary placement, we just used some gimp string hung on a tack and it works perfectly.

I will say that within a week, the felt was peeling a bit at the top, and the board for the magnetic side was peeling at the bottom. 

The magnet also fell off from one of the darts, but was easily placed back on.


  • Hours of fun and parent-child engagement
  • Two sides for different modes of play
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Encourages taking turns
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Suction cups on the arrows don’t work very well
  • Felt and board are peeling off a little bit due to rough play
  • Magnets can pop off darts

This is such a fun magnetic dart board. The felt side is an added bonus! Both ways of playing are great for the entire family and I love how many accessories it comes with.

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