Electronic Baby Nail Trimmer Review

Electronic Baby Nail Trimmer Review

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What a LIFE SAVER! This electronic baby nail trimmer is freaking amazing, and I brag about it all the time. I can’t imagine trying to clip my baby’s nails without this.

This baby nail trimmer has multiple settings; there is a high and low, and a right and left spin direction (the speeds are available for each rotation setting). 

It comes with multiple heads: 0-3 months, 4-11 months, 12 months+, a metal grinding head, a soft polishing head, and a cylindrical grinding head. There is also a bag of replacement head stickers.

It is so gentle that I have used it on both my kids while they slept.

I don’t ever use the high setting unless I’m using it on my own nails (which I totally have done). There just isn’t a need for it when working on baby nails. 

The one thing about this nail trimmer is that there sort of is a “right and wrong” way to use it. One rotation setting may seem to hit the nail harder than the other rotation setting. I will say I do use this to my advantage sometimes. 

You’d just need to be careful. If you feel it hit the nail a little roughly, you would just need to either change the rotation setting or go at it from a different angle. No biggie 🙂 

Once you get the hang of it and kind of figure out which rotation setting you need based on what angle you’re holding your baby’s hand, it’s a breeze.

Side note: I have been using this thing since 2019, but I just recently bought another one because we misplaced our old one and I needed it ASAP, lol.


  • Two speed and direction settings 
  • When used as directed, way less of a chance of trimming nails too far
  • An easier option than trying to use clippers
  • Soft and gentle
  • Battery life is nice
  • There’s a light to help you see the nails better


  • There’s a specific way the dremel should be used for optimal performance/results
  • Head stickers could potentially fall off after extended use. I’ve only had this happen to one head in 3 years.

I highly recommend this product. It makes trimming a baby’s nails sooo much easier. It will help ease the anxiety that comes with trying to use nail clippers on those delicate little fingers.

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