Melissa and Doug Vet Set Review

Melissa + Doug Vet Set Review

melissa and doug pet vet set

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I can’t rave about this Melissa and Doug vet set enough! We got it for Bayleigh for her third birthday and she didn’t put it down for the rest of the day. I’ve never seen her play completely nonstop with a single toy, but she did with this. 

She packed up all the little vet items and carried it around with her. Almost a month later and she was still constantly asking me to help her heal an injured stuffed animal.

Everything seems durable. The bottles are very realistic (tops unscrew, the ointment cap can be opened, etc). The labels are sticker paper, though, and could probably wear off over time or be picked off.

It comes with a stuffed dog and cat, and a bunch of cute little vet accessories (a stethoscope, cone, cast, paw wrap, bandage, vaccine, a tube of “healing ointment,” and more). 

There is also a reusable check list that can be written on with dry erase marker. The box has a couple of ideas of pretend play, which I thought was really cute.

We like to call the bottles “Tummy Tablets.”

The accessories can be used with all different kinds of stuffed animals. You can set up a little vet hospital and have your tot imagine what is wrong with each animal. 

Bayleigh loves explaining what happened to a certain pet, or sometimes she asks me to come up with what happened.

It definitely helps encourage parent-child interactive play, which is a big plus for us.


  • Lots of opportunities for learning and parent-child engagement, plus different ways to play
  • Comes with a cute little bag to carry accessories


  • Labels could potentially wear off or be picked off
  • Doesn’t come with a dry erase marker for the reusable checklist

I would absolutely recommend this toy vet set for your toddler who loves playing pretend and helping animals. It is such a cute and realistic vet play set. 

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