Fun Piano Play Mat Review

HOLYFUN Piano Play Mat Review

piano play mat

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This piano play mat is so cute! It has a “dinosaurs in the forest” kind of design.

It comes with a mirror and little toys to hang above for baby to look at and play with. Everything was pretty easy to assemble. The piano attaches easily to the green arms and the play mat. 

The mat can easily be wiped clean. The mirror does kind of hang down at a weird angle, though.

The piano is cute and durable. The big keys allow baby to kick at them and play music. 

It has quite a few different modes of music playing, which is switched by pressing the little blue button in the gear on the piano. 

It can be used as a stand-alone toy, or rotated to face up or out when attached to the play mat.

When Zen was younger, he had so much fun with this mat. Bayleigh loved to lay next to him and kick the piano keys with him, too.

It is on the smaller side, but perfect if you’re looking for a space saver. It doesn’t have raised sides, so once baby is rolling around, he/she can easily roll off of it.


  • Multiple music/sound modes
  • Different ways to rotate the piano (or use it on its own)
  • Cute toys and a mirror for baby to look at and play with


  • On the smaller side
  • No raised sides, so baby could potentially roll off the mat
  • Piano legs could seem to stick out “awkwardly,” but it’s really not a huge deal
  • Mirror has a weird hanging angle to it

This is a great piano play mat. The piano, toys, and mirror can keep baby entertained and help with sensory development.

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