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Poppy Potty Liners Review

Oxo-Tot Travel Potty Review

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Poppy Potty Liners Review

potty liners review

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If you are potty training a little one, you will love these potty liners! They are leakproof (an absolute must with these!), super soft, and biodegradable/compostable.

They are a pretty decent size and would fit a variety of potty chair sizes. We use ours for Bayleigh’s potty chair, and we used them for her travel potty when we went on vacation. They work great in both.

They may be priced a bit more than some other brands, but personally I think it’s because they work way better.



  • Leakproof! The best part of these things
  • Super soft
  • Great size and fits most potty chairs
  • Biodegradable and compostable


  • They could be a little more expensive than other brands

If you are looking for great, leakproof potty liners, you’ve found them!

Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Travel Potty Chair Review

oxo travel potty

This is a great foldable travel potty seat for toddlers! I love that it operates in two different modes – a chair and a potty seat that goes over an adult toilet.

It folds up nicely and even comes with a carrying bag and 3 disposable bags (though we found the above potty liners more convenient). It also comes with absorbent pads, which we didn’t really need to use.

The legs fold out and snap to make a potty chair. It is very sturdy and a nice size. It worked great for us when we needed to stop for Bayleigh to potty.


The legs also fold out completely to make the seat become flat. It can then go over a standard toilet, which works great for gas stations, hotels/Airbnbs, etc.

There are also little notches on the side that help hold the bags in place.

The only thing that may be cumbersome was that you definitely need both hands to make it into the flat seat. 



  • Has two different modes – a chair and a flat, over the potty seat
  • Legs fold into it to make a flat circle
  • Comes with a carrying bag, a couple potty bags, and absorbent pads
  • Great size and perfect for road trips


  • It could be hard at first to get the seat legs to lay flat

This Oxo Tot travel potty is a great option for those looking for a nice, foldable potty chair.

Potty Chair Review

potty chair

This is such a cute potty chair! It looks just like a “big girl” potty and makes flushing sounds. 

It has a compartment for wipes, toilet paper, etc. It has a removable inner bowl that allows for easy dumping and cleaning. 

We found out we really liked using the potty liners in this potty chair, even just for pee; that way, the liner could just be changed and the bowl stayed clean for the most part.

This chair was amazing throughout Bayleigh’s potty training journey. Several times, she would sit on it with me in the bathroom. 

It is fantastic at even just introducing the concept of the potty.

It is lightweight but sturdy and very durable. It comes in a few different colors.



  • Makes flushing sounds like a toilet
  • Removable inner bowl
  • Great at introducing the concept of the potty
  • Comes in a few different colors
  • Battery life is great


  • We didn’t really find much use in the wipe compartment, but I’m sure it could be very useful

This is a great realistic potty chair for introducing potty training. We found it so helpful during our potty training journey with Bayleigh, and she even still uses it sometimes.

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