Push and Pull Toy Cars Set Review

Nicmore Push and Pull Cars Review

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What a fantastic car set! It includes 3 pull back cars and 2 cars that continue to move when you push them forward (inertia powered). The truck plays sounds/lights, and is one of the inertia powered vehicles.

The truck attaches to the trailer and will move forward with the trailer attached and the cars in it. It’s pretty cool. 

The back of the trailer opens to store a couple of the cars, and there is also space on the top to store them.

The inertia powered cars go FAR. And they are fast. All you have to do is push them and off they go.

The pull back cars also have some distance, depending on how much you pull them back. I’d imagine you don’t want to pull them too far, though, as it could probably break them.

These cars are great for even Zen to play with. He and Bayleigh love sitting in the kitchen rolling these cars back and forth and all over. 

I love the variety of vehicles in this set. It comes with a plane, a bus, a taxi, a van/public bus, and the semi truck and trailer.

These cars aren’t going to work the best on carpet. Of course they can still be played with, they just won’t “go by themselves” on carpet very well.


  • A cute variety of vehicles
  • Great quality 
  • Truck plays sounds, lights up, and carries the trailer and accompanying cars
  • Everyone will have fun watching the cars “move by themselves”


  • The cars don’t really work on carpet
  • The trailer can become detached from the truck easily sometimes
  • I’d imagine if you pulled them back too far repeatedly, the pull back cars could eventually break

I definitely recommend this car set. It’s great for even an 8-9 month old to play with and I even have fun with it. The cars are great quality and super cute.

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