Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Home Review

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn
Smart Home Review

fisher price laugh and learn smart home

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This Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn smart home has been a favorite since the very beginning! I got this for Bayleigh for her first birthday and she immediately loved it. Two years later and she’s still playing with it. 

Now she likes to play house with her one year old brother, who also absolutely loves it. He props up on his knees and loves touching the sink, the lights, and the fridge. He’ll sit there for quite a while, actually. And recently, he’s been doing it every day.

This house is amazing because it is so interactive. It has multiple modes of play, can be used in 4 different languages, has a high and low volume adjuster, and plays tons of music and sounds. It also has quite a bit of lights.

It offers a very realistic kind of play. There is a thermostat that can be changed to hot or cold, and it will turn blue or red and a couple shades in-between. You can press a button to turn on the lights. There is even a button to “check” their calendar. 

There is a mailbox that comes with a couple of plastic envelopes, a recycling sorting center with shapes, a rain gutter that you can drop balls through, and some kitchen accessories. 

There is also a porch light, doorbell, and a charger for a car (sold separately). The door makes creaking sound effects when it’s pushed open or closed. 

This thing is very sturdy and durable. It’s withstood some pretty rough play. It’s also pretty heavy.

The only thing I’d say is, a younger child may lose some of the pieces. Also, be careful of little fingers in the fridge. Bayleigh accidentally caught Zen’s fingers in there one day.


  • Lots of interactive, educational play
  • Encourages parent-child engagement and child-child engagement
  • Different languages and modes of play
  • Lots of music, sounds, lights, and buttons


  • Pieces could potentially be lost
  • Little fingers could get caught in the fridge or probably even the mailbox
  • Can be a little pricey

I definitely recommend this smart home. What a cute and fun idea! There is so much to do, and little ones will love exploring and interacting in their own little “home.”

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