Smart Shopping Cart Review

Little Tikes Smart Cart Review

little tikes smart cart

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I was absolutely amazed with this Little Tikes smart cart. What a cute little idea! 

The cart comes with a scanner on the handle where kids can scan their food. Each food item has a barcode so that when it is moved over the scanner, it recognizes the item and says it out loud. 

This is a great learning tool.

It has a couple of different modes of play, one of which is a timed game where the kids have to find food items before the timer runs out. 

The cart itself is a great size, especially for my three year old. It moves nicely around the house.

The baskets are also a great size. The bottom one is removable, where as the top one is stationary. The removable basket also has a carrying handle.

The scanner is also removable.

It comes with a few food items, which are pretty realistic. 

Everything is durable and great quality.

Bayleigh loves to pile things in the cart’s baskets and just push them around the house. Not even always food; sometimes it’s random toys here and there. She has so much fun with it.

Zen also has so much fun. He’ll grab the shopping cart and start “shopping,” pushing the cart around while adding things to it. It’s super cute.

This cart goes with a checkout stand, which can be found here. We don’t have this yet, but it’s on the list 🙂

Even I love this Little Tikes smart cart. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could scan our items as we shopped in the real world?

Update to the above statement: apparently Walmart has incorporated that lol


  • Scanner scans food and helps children learn what each food item is
  • Different modes of play, including a fun timed game
  • Cart and baskets are a nice size
  • Removable basket with carrying handle
  • Comes with a couple of food items
  • Everything is durable
  • Encourages parent-child interactions


  • Shopping cart is on the bigger side, so it could take up a bit of space
  • The voice and sound on the scanner could possibly drive you insane

This is such a cute smart cart. The scanner is such a fun idea, and definitely encourages parent-child play. I even love scanning the food into the cart. 

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