Step2 Play Kitchen Toy Review

Step2 Play Plastic Kitchen Review

cute step2 play kitchen

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This play kitchen is so cute! Zen, Bayleigh, and I love playing together with it.

One of my favorite things to do when I was young was play restaurant in a play kitchen. I was obsessed with everything kitchen-related (play food, toy appliances, a toy kitchen, etc). 

I was so excited to get this kitchen for Bayleigh, and it did not disappoint!

It comes with a lot of kitchen accessories, including condiment bottles, cooking utensils, cups, plates, pot/pan, strainer, K-cups and coffee cups with cup covers, a play phone, and storage baskets.

There are hanging hooks for the pans and utensils, as well as a little stand for the play phone. The sink has a faucet that swivels and is perfect for pretend dish or hand washing.

The burner lights up and plays bubbling sounds when the included pan is placed on it. The burner dial is turnable, as well as the stove dial.

The fridge, microwave, and oven open and have enough room that things can be stored or “cooked.”

One of Bayleigh’s favorite things about this kitchen is the K-cup maker. She loves putting her little toy K-pod in it and “making coffee just like Mommy.” 

She also likes to pretend to make me coffee and brings it to me in one of the coffee cups.

Zen also loves the K-cup maker (mainly just opening and closing the lid at this time).

I thought the place for the dog food and water was the cutest thing. This was another one of Bayleigh’s favorite parts, as she could now have a place for her stuffies to eat and drink. 

I will say the assembly took a little bit and there are quite a bit of stickers. However, the instructions were fairly easy to follow and it is amazing once it is set up.

I will also note that it does seem to have raised in price a bit since I last purchased it.


  • Comes with a bunch of cute accessories
  • Nice size
  • Fridge, oven, and microwave open
  • Cute interactive burner that lights up and makes bubbling sounds


  • It has raised in price since I bought it in 2021, so it’s not as low-priced as it used to be
  • There is a lot of assembly needed. Lots of screws and stickers

I definitely recommend this kitchen. There are so many fun parts to is and it really encourages parent-child engagement.