The Best Things About Christmas

The Best Things About Christmas

best things about christmas

Merry Christmas season friend! Are you as excited as I am?! 

I have always loved the Christmas season. It’s what I look forward to every year.

There’s just something about it. The music, movies, festivities. The smells. The holiday cheer. Family get-togethers. 

Putting up the tree, hanging up lights and wreaths and blowing up giant Santas for your front yard.

Baking Christmas cookies, lighting Christmas candles.

The joyful expressions on the face of someone you love as they open the gift you got them.

Even the Christmas shopping. 

Now that I’m a mom, I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of my kids. Everything is even more magical, if that’s possible. 

Their eyes light up at everything, the smallest things enchant them. 

I remember always waking up early on Christmas, excited to see what Santa had left under the tree for me. 

Now, I get to be woken up with joyous exclamations of, “It’s Christmas Mommy, let’s open presents!” And I get just as excited as they do.

So, what are the best things about Christmas (and my favorite time of year)?

best things about christmas

1. The decorations and lights!

Christmastime is such an aesthetic time of year. All of the lights, the glow, the decorations. The beautiful variations of Christmas trees, donned with ornaments of all shapes and sizes.

There are so many different ways you can decorate, and that’s the beauty of it.

Red and green, blue and white, silver and gold. Even pink is fun! 

One of my favorite things to do is drive around and look at Christmas lights. Everyone has such a unique way of decorating, and it’s so much fun to look at all of it.

What is your favorite Christmas aesthetic?

best things about christmas

2. The scents!

I love the smell of Christmas! From cinnamon and pine to peppermint, the smell of Christmas always brings me joy.

Our local Walmart always smells so amazing and cozy during Christmastime. 

I didn’t get a chance to buy any candles yet, but here is a roundup of some of my favorite Bath and Body Works Christmas candle scents:

  • The Perfect Christmas: fresh pine, cinnamon sugar, and toasted marshmallow
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate: sweet peppermint, milk chocolate, and cream
  • Spiced Gingerbread: vanilla icing, cinnamon sugar, and nutmeg
  • Cinnamon Caramel Swirl: caramel, cinnamon, vanilla bean, maple brown sugar
  • Peppermint Sugar Cookie: peppermint, vanilla, creamy butter, soft sugar cookies
  • Red Velvet Cupcake: red cake, cream frosting, and vanilla

What are some of your favorite Christmas scents?

best things about christmas

3. The time with family and friends!

It’s always so wonderful to get the family and/or friends together during the holidays. 

As a child, I remember always getting so excited to go to my grandparents’ house to open more gifts, watch movies, eat tons of food, and hang out with everybody together. It was one of the best things about Christmas for me.

Now, we take the kids over to spend time with their grandparents too. And it’s always so much fun.

There’s just something about enjoying a day surrounded by the people you love, eating, laughing, opening presents, and snuggling on the couch.

In addition, it’s a great time decorating and prepping the house for all things Christmas, and baking Christmas cookies!

If you’re crafty, you can even enjoy coming up with fun crafts and/or treats for you and your kids to make together.

best things about christmas

4. The movies and songs!

I am a sucker for some good Christmas movies. They are definitely one of the best things about Christmas; I can watch them all month long. 

There’s just something about them that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I even enjoy Christmas cartoons with my kids. They usually won’t sit through a whole movie, but it’s still fun.

And Christmas music is the best. Nothing helps get me in the holiday spirit more than some upbeat Christmas bops. Anything from country to pop to old classics.

best things about christmas

5. The Christmas fashion (and sweaters)!

I absolutely love Christmas sweaters! I would own a hundred if I could. They’re cute, comfy, trendy, and warm.

Fun accessories to pair them with include scarves, beanies, boots, and of course, leggings!

Plus there are so many cute Christmas dresses in various styles, as well.

And of course, the matching Christmas pajamas! And the winter coats.

What are some of your favorite Christmas fashion must-haves?

best things about christmas

6. The goodies!

Whether you’re decorating gingerbread houses or sipping hot cocoa, there are so many goodies to be enjoyed during Christmastime. 

One of my family’s traditions that has carried over from when I was a kid is decorating a gingerbread house. I always enjoyed it, and I love carrying that on with my kids.

Bayleigh always has so much fun with it. This will be the first year Zen gets to help out a little bit, and I can’t wait.

When it comes to hot cocoa, I love melting a peppermint candy cane in it, or topping it with a crushed one. And of course, marshmallows (or whipped cream).

I also love the festive chocolates, cookies, and candied yams!

What are some of your favorite Christmas goodies?

best things about christmas

7. The chance of snow!

How beautiful it is to wake up to a white Christmas (or any day close to there)! 

We don’t get a lot of snow where we’re currently at, but I love the aesthetic of snow during Christmastime. 

I’m sure it can be tedious at some points, but it definitely is pretty to look at: the way the snow glistens on trees, buildings, anything really.

And how fun it is to build snowmen, make snow angels, sled down hills, and catch snowflakes.

best things about christmas

8. The festivities!

So many things to do! I honestly wish we had time to do everything, but I know it’s not feasible.

I would love to take the kids to every Christmas carnival and festival being held. Or, go ice skating multiple times. Maybe even skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.

I would love to explore Christmas villages and watch parades. There is so much fun to be had.

And of course, taking the kids to see Santa! I remember always looking forward to that. It was always so exciting.

This year, we’re taking the kids to a local light festival/carnival where we’ll enjoy lights, goodies, a train ride, and a visit with Santa 🙂

What Christmas festivities are you taking part in this year?

best things about christmas

9. The gifting (and shopping)!

I love the gifting part of Christmas! Especially now that I have kids, the way their faces light up when they’re opening gifts brings me so much joy. 

I also enjoy shopping for them (and just shopping in general, let’s be honest). 

It’s also fun to shop for other people, as you imagine how excited they’ll be to receive something because you thought of them.

But let’s not forget the gift of experiences and handmade things, either. Those things are the best, too! The thought really does count. 

Even the “smallest” thing to you could be the biggest thing for someone else 🙂

best things about christmas

10. The presents under the tree!

I don’t know if you ever really lose that giddy feeling of seeing presents under the tree. 

There’s just something about it that unleashes the child in you, even if the presents are for someone else. It’s still fun to see what they got and how excited they are. 

best things about christmas

What are some of the best things about Christmas for you?

Let me know below in the comments!


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