The Best Toddler Harness Review

The Best Toddler Harness Review

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This is the best toddler harness! I love it. And actually, Bayleigh does too. It gives all of us a peace of mind and helps keep her safe. 

On our most recent outing, I asked Bayleigh if she wanted to wear her harness. She looked at me and said, “Yup, I do!”

Wearing her harness helps keep her from going too far or getting hurt or lost. While hiking, it’s a great tool to help her get her footing and decrease accidental tumbles. While of course they do still happen, it definitely helps. 

While crossing streets, parking lots, or anywhere there are cars, it keeps her close.

I’m sure there are people who look at us and are silently shaming me. And honestly, I couldn’t care less. 

This so called “leash” keeps my child safe. It keeps her close and attached to me. It keeps her where I can see her at all times, without worrying she’s going to get out of my grasp.

It has a fantastic locking mechanism that ensures no one can unclip the harness and take off. I love this part of it. It’s very easy to lock and unlock. The cord isn’t something that could be easily cut, either.

It comes with the harness and a cord that attaches to your wrist. It also comes with a cord that just attaches to the child’s wrist and your wrist. The wrist strap that goes on the child and the harness have locks. The keys are attached to your wrist strap.

I assume it’s comfortable, since I’ve never heard otherwise. It has shoulder pads to keep the harness straps from rubbing against or digging into the shoulders. The harness is adjustable.

The only thing is, if your child was to take off running or suddenly go too far, and the cord is pulled taut, it could spring them backwards a little bit. This could cause the child to fall. 

I haven’t really had Bayleigh do this at all. She has tried to pull away, but she usually feels the cord pulling and stops. I also sometimes keep the cord a little shorter, especially in an area with cars.


  • Locking mechanism helps ensure safety
  • Shoulder pads help with comfort
  • Cord can stretch to 6 feet, which can allow some freedom, but not too much
  • Cord is not easily cut
  • Comes in a few different colors


  • If your child goes too far and pulls the leash taut, it could spring them backwards a little bit
  • The keys are attached to the wrist strap, which could make for an awkward angle (I haven’t found this to be a big deal)
  • The cord does stretch to 6 feet, which may be too far for you, depending on your preferences

I definitely recommend this. This is a great tool to help ensure your child stays by you, especially in large crowds or parking lots. It’s been fantastic during hikes, as well.

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