Ninja/Pirate Toy Foam Swords Review

Ninja/Pirate Toy Foam Swords Review

toy foam swords

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These toy foam swords are so fun and engaging for the whole family! 

They are durable and make for lots of fun and laughs. They encourage active play, even indoors.

We love to have sword fights and playfully bat at each other with them. We end up chasing each other around the house and fencing with them.

It is always so much fun and there are always laughs to be had. 

Sometimes we even like to put on the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack to set the mood 😉

These would be great for a pirate or ninja-themed birthday party.

These foam swords have even withstood the dog grabbing onto them a little bit, and the kids biting the ends. The foam is pretty tough.

Which, of course, means that you would want the kids to be cautious, as hitting hard enough with these could really hurt.

And the strings around the handles can come off easily, especially with younger kids or toddlers. Bayleigh was able to get them off almost right away.


  • Super durable
  • Encourages active play and parent-child engagement
  • Comes in a pack of 6


  • Strings around the handles fall off very easily
  • Since the foam is pretty firm, you’d want to make sure no one is hit too hard with these

You can’t go wrong with these toy foam swords!

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