VTech Sit to Stand Walker Review

VTech Sit to Stand
Learning Walker Review

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baby/toddler sit to stand walker
baby/toddler sit to stand walker
baby/toddler sit to stand walker

We love this VTech Sit to Stand Learning walker! It’s very sturdy and Zen just goes cruising around the house with it every day. 

He didn’t take much interest in the musical toy at first, but he immediately loved the walker part. He will crawl right over to it and just get going around the house. 

It goes the perfect speed and is easy for him to pull himself into standing with and start walking.

Absolutely use with adult supervision. Your younger baby will definitely need help turning and moving it around when they reach the end of the house/area. 

When Zen gets going fast, sometimes the direction of the walker can change and he’ll start veering off to the side. I’m not sure if this is because he inadvertently moves it to the side, or if the wheels have a slight lean to them. 

Either way, it doesn’t deter him and he loves it. He uses it several times a day.

It seems to still work great on our hardwood floor. It doesn’t go too fast, as he is still able to keep up with it very well. It is the perfect height for him. 

The musical toy is cute and plays a lot of songs and sounds. It comes with a play phone, as well.

The wheels lock as an extra safety measure, though I could imagine this would also pose a risk if the child was to get frustrated and push it too hard. The walker and/or the child could tumble over. 



  • Wheels lock for safety
  • Sturdy
  • Removable musical toy allows for multiple modes of play
  • Perfect height for even an 8-9 month old to walk with


  • Could go fast for some babies on hardwood/tile floor, though we haven’t had this problem on our kitchen floor
  • When the wheels are locked, if the toddler/baby was to push hard enough, the walker could tip over

This is the best baby push walker. It is the perfect height for even an 8-9 month old and easy to use. The musical toy is cute, too. I definitely recommend if you have a baby who is standing and on the move constantly.

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