Your Cheatsheet of Mom Hacks

Your Cheatsheet of Mom Hacks

mom hacks
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Hey friends!

We all know that parenting can be difficult sometimes. My goal is to make it just a little bit easier. 

Once I figure out a “hack,” or something that works very well for me, I want to share it with everyone!

I have compiled this cheatsheet of mom hacks (and general life/parenting hacks) just for you. I hope it helps, even just a little bit.

mom hacks

1. Prep the wipes!

YOU GUYS. This one has been life changing for me. 

It can be so frustrating to try to juggle everything all at once: holding baby’s legs up, pulling wipes out, trying to make sure poo doesn’t get everywhere. 

The wipes get stuck together, they’re not pulling apart easily, suddenly you have a huge glob of wipes and none of them are separating.

If baby’s at that wiggly stage, things can get even more complicated and frustrating. Then you’re trying to wrestle baby to make sure they don’t roll and/or touch the poo. Oye vey.


It was a game changer for me when I realized it would be so much easier if I already had a neat pile of wipes prepped. 

I usually use about 4-5 wipes per poopy diaper change (depending on how messy it is), so I pull out 5 wipes to be safe.

 Sometimes, I don’t use all of them. And that’s okay. After everything’s cleaned up, you can just put them back in the package (granted that they’re still clean, etc).

You can even just pull out a couple, and if more is needed, at least you have the cleaning process already started.

diaper cream applicator

2. Prep the diaper cream

Another game changer. If your baby has frequent diaper rashes, you’re going to love this idea.

Before the diaper change, put a small amount of diaper cream on the applicator – we love this Baby Bum one.

If you’re not using an applicator, this may not work for you. But, you should definitely check out a diaper cream applicator. They help soooo much.

Having the cream prepped on the applicator makes the process so easy. After the diaper change, just grab the applicator, glide the cream on, and fasten the diaper. 

nail trimmer

3. Forgo the nail clippers for an electric nail trimmer

I don’t think there’s a single parent who loves clipping their baby’s nails. I could be wrong, but in my encounters, it’s one of the worst things.

I never touched baby nail clippers for either of my kiddos. Frankly, I was terrified, and I knew there was a better option.

Enter this electric baby nail trimmer! This thing is a life-saver and an absolute must have.

It makes trimming baby’s nails quick and easy. Bayleigh even slept through it when she was a baby.

mom hacks

4. Sing during diaper changes

Diaper changes can become an extreme Olympic event sometimes. 

With Zen, I found that singing his favorite song (Baby Shark) instantly calmed him down and made him sit still long enough for a quick diaper change. 

He honestly loves being sang to in general, so now any song works (for the most part).

Try singing your baby a song he or she really enjoys. If they don’t have a favorite song quite yet, try a few different ones out.

mom hacks

5. Wrap those wild arms in their onesie/shirt

Going along with the idea that diaper changes can become a wrestling match, those little hands can end up in places they shouldn’t be during diaper changes.

Try wrapping their arms up in their onesie or shirt. You just kind of tuck the arms in and roll the clothing a bit so the arms are swaddled. This can also help keep baby still.

A very strong-willed baby may be able to get out within seconds, but it may be the head start you need to get the diaper change progressed.

mom hacks

6. Use a paper towel holder to organize hair ties

I seen this going around the Internet at some point and decided to try it. 

You get a paper towel holder (I bought a cheap one from Walmart), and just stack up all of your hair ties on it. Hair ties, scrunchies, it works great for all of them.

It creates a cute little visible stack of all your hair ties, keeps them in one place, and allows easy, organized access.

mom hacks

7. Get a Q-tip holder

I didn’t know what I was missing until I got this Q-tip holder

It’s great for quick access to Q-tips for whatever need you may have – Vaseline, diaper cream, etc.

mom hacks

8. Store bobby pins and hair barrettes in a jar

No need to worry about losing bobby pins all over the place, or trying to remember where you put them. 

Keep them organized in a jar like this one. This has been so great for me keeping track of my bobby pins (where do those things end up, anyways?!) and hair barrettes. 

I know there will always be some in that jar, and I try to make a pointed effort to put them back in the jar when I take them out of my hair.

mom hacks

9. Store fruits in a mason jar

We tried this out with strawberries and it was great. They lasted longer in the mason jar than they did not being in it.

I know there are advanced tips to keeping them fresher longer while in the jar, but I’m not positive on specifics. 

Just placing them in the jar from their package (without washing them) worked great for us.

I will say, do not leave them for too long (longer than a week or two, I forget the exact timeframe). Gases from bacteria will cause the lid to pop/burst off, as learned from personal experience 😅

christmas mom hack
mom hacks

10. Use a baby gate to protect the Christmas tree

Little ones are fascinated with taking ornaments off the tree. And yanking on the branches. And shaking it. And trying to tip it over.

Using a baby gate like this Evenflo one is a great way to protect the tree from any unwanted catastrophes. 

This hack would probably work great even for preventing cats and other pets from messing with the tree.

Putting a baby gate around our tree has been the best thing. It may not be the prettiest aesthetic, but it prevents broken ornaments and the game of constantly replacing ornaments on the tree.

Do you have any life or mom hacks you love? Did any of these hacks help you? 

Let me know in the comments!

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